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  • Climate Change : Impacts and Adaptations in Crop Plants
    Climate Change : Impacts and Adaptations in Crop Plants
    by Dr. Madan Pal Singh

    ISBN: 8170194725
    Year: 2011

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    98.847 USD
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  • Synopsis
¨ Climate change research in agriculture: Role of crop simulation models ¨ Physiology and molecular biology of waterlogging tolerance in crop plants ¨ Impact of climate change on quality of cereals and oilseed crops ¨ Physiological approaches for sustaining maize productivity under abiotic stresses ¨ Photosynthesis and water use efficiency in C3 and C4 crops under elevated CO2 and temperature ¨ Physiological constraints limiting photosynthesis and grain growth in wheat under elevated temperature ¨ Bioprospecting of genes for changing global climate ¨ Excess water: Impact on physiological adaptations in crop plants ¨ Climate change impacts on rice productivity ¨ Impact of elevated CO2 and temperature on crop-weed interaction ¨ Vulnerability of trees and fruit crops to climate change ¨ Impact of rising atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration on horticultural crops productivity ¨ Effect of climate change on oil palm plantations ¨ Physiology of nitrogen fixation in legumes under elevated CO2 ¨ Interactive effects of nitrogen and elevated CO2 on crop plants ¨ Plant responses to elevated carbon dioxide and phosphate nutrition ¨ Nutrient dynamics in rhizosphere under impending climate change ¨ Simulation of effect of biotic stresses on crop productivity under climate change scenario ¨ Potential effects of climate change on insect pest dynamics
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