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  • A Game Book for Burma and Adjoining Territories
    A Game Book for Burma and Adjoining Territories
    by Peacoek, H.H.

    ISBN: NA
    Year: 1985

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  • Synopsis
(Size: 24.5x19cms.)., Contents: Foreword; Introduction; Part I: General Information: 1. The Distribution of Game in Burma; II. Game Preservation, Organization and Rules; III. Plans and Preliminaries; IV. Rifles and Shooting; V. Cameras and Photography; VI. Tracking and Still-Hunting; VII. The Preservation, Care adn Measurements of Trophies; Part II: Large Games: VIII. Sumatran Rhinoceros; IX. Javan Rhinoceros; X. Indian Elephant; XI. Bison or Gaur; XII. Saing or Banteng; XIII. Mythun or Gayal; XIV. Buffalo; XV. Malayan Sambur; XVI. Hog-Deer; XVII. Barking Deer or Muntjac; XVIII. Thamin or Brow-Antlered Deer; XIX. Michie's Tufted Deer; XX. Takin; XXI. The Burmese Goral; XXII. Serow; XXIII. Wild Pig; XXIV. Tiger; XXV. Panther or LEopard; XXVI. Clouded Leopard; XXVII. Himalayan Black Bear; XXVIII. Malay Bear; XXIX. Jackal; XXX. Wild Dog; XXXI. Tapir; XXXII. Mouse Deer; Part III: Small Game: Foreword; XXXIII. Peafowl; XXXIV. Jungle Fowl; XXXV. Pheasants; XXXVI. Partridges; XXXVII. Quails; XXXIX. Woodcock; XL. geese; XLI. Duck nad Teal; XLII. Pigeons; XLIII. Doves; XLIV. THe Burmese Hare; XLV. Various; Part IV: Miscellaneous Mammals, Birds and Reptiles: XLVI. Miscellaneous Mammals; XLVII. Miscellaneous Birds; XLVIII. Some Reptiles; Part V: Fish: XLIX. Mahseer and Other Fish; Glossary; Index. xxv b/w plates, 1 forlding Maps ISBN: 292 Yr. of Pub.1985 Hard Bound English
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