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  • Himalayan Journal : 2 Vols. in one part
    Himalayan Journal : 2 Vols. in one part
    by Hooker, J.D.

    ISBN: 8170190959,9788170190950
    Year: Reprint 2013

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  • Synopsis
(Size: 19x13cms.), (2 Vols. Bound in One), Contents: Chapter 1: Sunderbunds Vegetation, Chapter II: Doomree, Chapter III: Ek-Powa Ghat, Chapter IV. Leave Bhagulpore, Chapter V: View from Mr. Hodgson's Of the Snowy mountains, Chapter VI. Excursion from Dorjiling to Great Bungeet, Chapter VII. Continue the ascent of Tonglo, Chapter VIII. Difficulty in Procuring leave to entre Sikkim, Chapter IX. Leave Mywa, Chapter X. Return From Wallanchoon pass, Chapter XI. Ascend Nango Mountain, Chapter XII. Yalloong Valley, Chapter XIII. Raklang Pass, Chapter XIV. Tassiding, View of and from, chapter XV. Leave Yoksun for Kinchinjunga, Chapter XVI. Ratong River Below Mon Lepcha, Chapter XVII. Dispatch Collections, Chapter XVIII. Arrangements for second Journey into Sikkim, Chapter XIX. Routes from choongtam to tibet Frontier, Chapter XX. Camp on Zemu river, Chapter XXII. Leave Lachoong for tunkrs Pass, Chapter XXIII. Donkis glaciers, Chapter XXIV. Ascent of bhomtao, chapter XXV. Journey to the Rajah's, chapter XXVI. Dr. Campbell is ordered to appear at Durbar, chapter XXVII. Leave Dorjiling for Calcutta, chapter XXVIII. Churns, English Station of, Chapter XXIX. View fo Himalaya from the Khasis, chapter XXX. Boat voyage to silhet. (1855, 3rd ind. rep. 1980, 4th ind. rep. 1999, 5th ind. rep. 2005) ISBN:8170190959 xxii+696 Yr. of Pub.2005 Hard Bound English
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