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  • Breeding of Horticultural Crops Vol. 2 : Tropical Fruits
    Breeding of Horticultural Crops Vol. 2 : Tropical Fruits
    by Parthasarathy, V.A.

    ISBN: 9788170196471
    Year: 2019

    149.83 USD
    134.847 USD
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  • Synopsis
This is the second volume in the series “Breeding Horticultural crops”. This volume deals with Tropical fruits. There are eighteen chapters written by eminent fruit breeders of India. The chapters cover species and cultivars, cytogenetics, Genetic resources, Blossom biology, breeding objectives, approaches to crop improvement (introduction, selection, hybridization, mutation breeding, Polyploidy and breeding for specific traits), marker assisted selection. The book has been edited by V.A.Parthasarathy, Sanjay Kumar Singh, S. Vinoth and C. Aswath.
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