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  • Agri-Entrepreneurship : Challenges and Opportunities
    Agri-Entrepreneurship : Challenges and Opportunities
    by Prusty, Kashyap, P.

    ISBN: 9788170196426
    Year: 2019

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    113.85 USD
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  • Synopsis
Agriculture and allied sectors are known to be the mainstay of the Indian economy, which provides food and nutrition to 1.3 billion people and creates forward and backward opportunities to support 60% of Indian population contributing about 16% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of India. Research efforts put forth by scientists cutting across the disciplines coupled with policy support by government have proved the potential of entrepreneurship opportunities in agriculture. This book provides consolidated information on such agri-entrepreneurship options which provides scope for employment of youth, enhancing income and decent livelihood in agriculture and allied sector along with information on process of establishment, financing and other useful tools. The book contains 21 chapters pertaining to wide range of topics on entrepreneurship opportunities and its developmental process covering almost all sectors of agriculture including, areas such as Basmati Rice export, seed production, fruits and vegetable processing, ornamental aquaculture, floriculture, protected horticulture, piggery, poultry, dairy, bee keeping, yak rearing, goatary, mushroom production and use of Information Communication Tools (ICTs). This book is expected to stimulate the interest of the students, researchers, youth involved in agriculture and policy makers for further advancement in widening window of opportunities in agri-entrepreneurship.
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