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  • Sweet Cherry
    Sweet Cherry
    by Bansi Lal Puttoo

    ISBN: 81-7019-614-3; 9788170196143
    Year: 2018

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    104.85 USD
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  • Synopsis
The book is first of its kind in India with an aim to document the current state of knowledge on Sweet, Tart/Sour and other allied minor cherry types growing in India. It compiles the traditional methods of cultivation, packages of improved practices recommended by SAU’s and production departments from time to time, research work done on different aspects under Indian conditions by various workers in one title. The book has been designed to provide the basic information about this unique temperate fruit to fruit grower, students, scholars, traders, processing Industry, house- wives in totality. The author has extensively analyzed the scientific data available from different sources both India and abroad comprising reports, research papers and e references numbering 110 and presented in 22 chapters. It covers origin and history, present status-global and National; economic importance-social, cultural, trade and environmental of cherry growing in temperate regions. A-Z information on planting,after-care,protection,production that include the modern approaches of High Density Plantation, processing and preservation,handling,nutritional and health benefits, recipes in a comprehensive manner. Present day fruit culture in India has got to be internationally competitive, profitable and sustainable. The produce has to be of International quality, free from toxic residues. This book reasonably lays down the base line data available on the subject that is sure to meet the future needs of fruit growers, administrators and planners alike.
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