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  • The Confession of an Indian Opium Eater: A collection of Indian Poems in English
    The Confession of an Indian Opium Eater: A collection of Indian Poems in English
    by Chakraborti,B.

    ISBN: 81-7019-600-3,9788170196006
    Year: 2018

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  • Synopsis
This Anthology of poem is typically Indian poetry in English. The idea, concept, including the locale and the landscape, all are Indians in these poems. Only the poems are written English. Since the time of the growth of Indian Nationalism after the British colonization in India, English in India enjoyed a special status. English was the medium of teaching and learning at all levels of education. Even after the decolonization of India in 1947, the Indian constitution grants the status of English in our country as “An Associate Official Language of India”. Indeed a particular variety of British Standard English is one of the Indian languages. The undeniable fact is that English has integrated various regions of the country with all their cultural, linguistic, religious and ethnic diversities into one India. Thus English is the Soul of Modern India. Indian Poetry in English does not mean any regional poetry written either in Hindi or Bengali or Tamil or any other regional languages. Indian Poetry in English is national in character. The last four poems are on aggressively friendly Nature of Kearney, Nebraska, the place in the mid-west of the U.S.A. where I have been for the last two months with my daughter and her family. The feeling of the poems in this anthology is the feelings of neither Indians nor Americans and English men. The feeling is also the universal feeling of Mankind. And English may be the comfortable medium of that universal feeling of men of all races, casts, creeds and religions.
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