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  • Advanced Techniques in Cyanobacteria and other Microalgae
    Advanced Techniques in Cyanobacteria and other Microalgae
    by Tiwari, O.N.

    ISBN: 9788170195979
    Year: 2018

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  • Synopsis
This practical manual is an excellent compilation of techniques for researchers interested in various aspects dealing with cyanobacteria, besides providing basic knowledge on this fascinating group of organisms. Despite the availability of similar compilations, this stands out in terms of its clarity and “simple to understand and do- language”, besides information on the latest advances in the field. Beginning with the basics of isolation, followed by purification and identification, the manual uses simple and effective vocabulary for those working with cyanobacteria, beginners or interested scholars. An important inclusion is the section on microscopy, from light microscropy to electron microscopy, which is a fascinating topic for those interested in understanding the ultrastructural features of these photosynthetic prokaryotes. Axenization and getting clones are one of the difficult aspects of cyanobacteriology and these details are given well, with illustrations. The protocols for lipid and protein extraction are explained in detail, and the use of molecular tools is also dealt suitably. The chapter on preservation of cyanobacteria, an important set of techniques for maintenance and storage, provides useful information not only for researchers, but also for germplasm culture collection curators. Overall, this compilation will provide useful for all researchers, particularly those interested in using cyanobacteria as their workhorses in their research programs.
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