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  • New Horizons of Librarianship in Knowledge Society
    New Horizons of Librarianship in Knowledge Society
    by Amit Kumar

    ISBN: 81-7019-589-2
    Year: 2017

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  • Synopsis
The book entitled New Horizons of Librarianship in Knowledge Society is intended for the LIS fraternity working in various libraries and information centres whether special, academic or public. The papers published in the book have been contributed by the professionals working in different organizations in India and other countries like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The quality papers have been included in the publication demonstrating various key issues of librarianship like big data issues and challenges, bibliographic standards, institutional repositories, information service, performance appraisal, techno-stress management, challenges of professional ethics in ICT environment, e-books, indigenous knowledge, RFID technology, open source software, knowledge management, library marketing, user studies, networking devices and technologies and other burning issues with the purpose of solving the problems of practicing library and information science professionals. We, as editors, hope this book will go a long way in helping the LIS fraternity in finding out the solutions and new ideas to improve the quality in librarianship with the help of ICT and add a new dimension to LIS literature.
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