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  • A Derivative Generator: Bangla Morph Computing
    A Derivative Generator: Bangla Morph Computing
    by Tripathi,S.K., Aparupa Dasgupta

    ISBN: 81-7019-533-7
    Year: 2017

    33.17 USD
    29.853 USD
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  • Synopsis
¨ Introduction ¨ Development of the Banglagen VBP Project ¨ GUI and Data Bases: Design and Development ¨ The Generator: Algorithm and Data Accessing ¨ Conclusions Emerging trend of Technology refurbishing humankind has set a trend in human languages (academic or civilian life) too. This book is created out of the PhD Thesis of Aparupa Dasgupta on Word Formation Derivation through computing on the then Diaspora, but relevant till date in Indian language computing. Derivative Generator software could be migrated to latest versions. Furthermore a few new criteria on morph-computing (on the Derivative Generator) was envisaged in latest publication1 of author.
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