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  • Ethnobotany Of Rice Weeds In South Asia
    Aspects of Plant Sciences Vol. XVI
    by Raju, R.A.

    ISBN: 8170194326
    Year: 1999

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  • Synopsis
Since Early Neandethal Man, Weeds Have Been Used For Food, Feed And Healing Purposes. The Knowledge On The Subject Has Descended Through Generation And Has Survived Through Times Among Some Of The Primitive Tribal People, Ethnobotany In A Specialised Branch Of Botany That Deals With Food, Feed, Medicinal And Other Were Of Wild Plants And Weeds. The Book Cover More Than One Hundred Seventy Herbs, Most Of Which Are Readily Available In Paddy Fields And Bounds.It describes the food, feed pharmacentical and other uses of Rice Weed found in arable, swampy, shallow water, deep Water ecosystems. The distinchre feature of the book is its reasonably comprehensive information about the habit, habitat, morphological description, occurrence and ethnobiological value of prominent weeds present in South Asia. It is an indispensable book for every researcher, teacher, planner, and students to strengthen the Agriculture and food security. Based on his own work over the number of years and that of others before him, The Author presents in this book ethnobiological value of rice weeds in Asia with illustrations. The book fulfills a long-felt need of ethnobiology of rice weeds in Asia.
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