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  • Catalogue of the Mesozoic Plants of the British Museum (Natural History) The Cretaceous Flora Algae & Fungi
    Catalogue of the Mesozoic Plants of the British Museum (Natural History) The Cretaceous Flora Algae & Fungi
    by Marie C. Stopes

    ISBN: N.A.
    Year: 1985

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  • Synopsis
Contents: Introduction,Literature of cretaceous plants, List of species of cretaceous plants,Descriptive catalogue of cretaceous plants,Group thallophyta, Class algae,Order diatomaceae,Order siphoneaceae,Suborder codiaceae, Genus boueina,Boueina hochstetteri,Toula,Suborder dasycladaceae,Genus munieria,Munieria baconica,Genus diplopora,Diplopora miihlbergii,Genus triploporella,Triploporella fraaasi,Tribe acetabularieae,Order phaeophyceae,Genus chondrites,Chondrites targionii,Chondrites intricatus,Genus algites,Algites furcatus,Order rhodophyceae-corallinaceae,Genus lithothamnium,Lithothamnium manillosum,Algae,class fungi,Subclass ascomycetes,Order pyrenomycetes,Genus pleosporites,Pleosporites shirainus,Genus petrosphaeria,Petrosphaeria japonica,Genus sphaerites,Sphaerites cretaceus,Order discomycetes,Genus phacidites,Phacidites circumscriptus,Genus rhytismites,Rhytismites hederae,Genus hysterites,Hysterites protohaeus,Order hyphomycetes,Genus cercosporites,Order basidiomycetes,Genus trametites,Trametites pini,Genus trichosporites,Trichosporites conwentzi,Doubtful fungi.
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