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  • Review of Tropical Plant Pathology Vol. 5 : Diseases of fibre and Oilseed crops
    Review of Tropical Plant Pathology Vol. 5 : Diseases of fibre and Oilseed crops
    by Raychaudhuri, S.P.

    ISBN: 8170191451
    Year: 1989

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  • Synopsis
Disease problems of annual edible oilseed crops in India,Diseases of rapeseed and mustard and their management,Effect of temperature and relative humidity on spore germination of alternaria brassicae and development of alternaria blight on oilseed crucifers,Diseases of groundnut in the tropics,Plant disease managagment in linseed,Vegetable oil thermotherapy for soybean seeds,Alternaria leaf blight of safflower in India,Infectious rapeseed-mustard diseases in India,Downy mildew of sunflower in India,Disease of oilseed rape and control measures,Diseases of cotton in India and their management,Diseases of jute and their management,Soil-borne diseases of jute and their management,Diseases of ramie in India.
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