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  • Plant Diseases Caused by Fastidious Prokaryotes (3rd Regional Workshop on Plant Mycoplasma)
    Plant Diseases Caused by Fastidious Prokaryotes (3rd Regional Workshop on Plant Mycoplasma)
    by Raychaudhuri, S.P.

    ISBN: 8170193494
    Year: 1989

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  • Synopsis
Contents: Foreward,Preface,Yellows type of diseases-distribution,identity and importance,White leaf,Diseases of trees caused by mycoplasma-like organisms in China,Occurrence yellows and its occurrence in Australia,Occurrence of mycoplasma diseases in and around Aligarh,Bushy stunt,a new suspected MLO disease of eggplant,Occurrence of mycoplasma like disorders of vegetables in Kashmir valley,Surface layers in prokaryotes,Techniques in the diagnosis of mycoplasma infections,Detection of mycoplasma-like organisms in root disease-affected coconut and its putative insect vector,Morphology and ultrastructure of the mollicutes associated with marginal flavescence afflicted potato plants,Association of mycoplasma-like organisms with rubberywood disease of citrus,The effect of MLO infection on physiology of vinca rosea L.,Some aspects of bio-ecology and management of insect vectors of MLOs, Therapy of plant mycoplasmal diseases,Plant mycoplasma diseases.
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