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  • Farmer's Friendly Diversified Crop Protection Keys
    Farmers Friendly Diversified Crop Protection Keys
    by Gangopadhyay, S.

    ISBN: 8170194296
    Year: 1998

    109.83 USD
    98.847 USD
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  • Synopsis
¨ Preamble ¨ Run riot pesticides in food basket ¨ Biotic stress management keys of rice ¨ Disease management of wheat for all agroclimatic regions in India ¨ Field diagnosis of pests and diseases of millets ¨ Cotton pests and diseases managements (jute, mesta, sunhemp) ¨ Pests and diseases of sugarcane in different agroclimatic zones ¨ Protection of oilseed crops ¨ Plant Protection umbrella for pulses in different farming situation ¨ Management of temperate and tropical fruit maladies (apple, apricot, citrus, banana, cherry, guava, mango, papaya, pineapple, plum, walnut) ¨ Vegetable diseases and pests management ¨ Management of coconut and rubber ¨ Protection of value added crops (black gold, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, nutmeg fennel, isabgol, ginger, turmeric, cashew, colocasia) ¨ Protection of tea and coffee ¨ Farmers friendly pesticides ¨ Feed back data bank on farmers friendly pest management
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