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  • Ecology of Pollen and Fungal Spore
    Ecology of Pollen and Fungal Spore
    by A.J. Solomon Raju

    ISBN: 81-7019-455-5
    Year: 2009

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  • Synopsis
¬® Bee faunal diversity in the Nilgiris part of the Western Ghats, Tamil Nadu ¬®Size of pollen foraging population and its dynamics in Apis cerana indica and Apis mellifera in different regions in Karnataka ¬® Preferential visitation by different species of honey bees on three elite genotypes of Sesame ¬® Foraging behaviour of honey bees on three elite genotypes of niger Comparative analysis of aerospora at five different sites in Lucknow, India ¬® Megascolia flavifrons ‚Äď An unusual pollinator of onion flowers ¬® Meliponiculture for yield enhancement and food safety in Kerala ¬® Sporulation in marine brown algae of Indian coast: A Review ¬® Apomixis in an endangered endemic tree species, Poeciloneuron pauciflorum Bedd. (Clusiaceae) from the Western Ghats, South India ¬® Flower-butterfly interactions and pollination ¬® Flowering phenology and pollination mechanism of some mangrove plants ¬® Fungal airspora of Visakhapatnam ¬® Pollination Biolgy in Impatiens gardneriana wight (Balsaminaceae) ¬®Phenology and Reproductive Biology of Parthenium hysterophorus L.
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