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  • Pollen-Insect Interactions
    Advances in Pollen Spore Research vol 26
    by A.J. Solomon Raju

    ISBN: 8170194490
    Year: 2008

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  • Synopsis
Contents: Interaction of the pollen bee, Pithitis binghami with some food plants, Pollination biology of impatiens campanulata wight. (Balsaminaceae), Melissopalynological studies of stingless bee, Trigona iridipennis Smith at Dharwad, Karnataka, Biochemical analysis of different unifloral honey samples collected from north district of Tripura, India, Energetics of Pollen protein content of some plant species in relation to foraging behaviour of honey bees, Foraging behaviour of flower visitors and pollination in leucas aspera (Willd) link, Pollen foraging behaviour of Indian honeybee, apis cerana in diversified floral conditions, Flowering calendar of trees with reference to pollen incidence and density in Agartala, Tripura, Airborne pollen sampling in Tripura University Campus, Tripura, Some advances in remote sensing technology to monitor biodiversity, Comparative incidence of aeromycospora of different parts of agra citi.
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