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  • Coleoptera, Phytophaga-Chrysomelidae, Vol. 21 (Fauna Of British India)
    Coleoptera, Phytophaga-Chrysomelidae, Vol. 21 (Fauna Of British India)
    by Jacoby, M.

    ISBN: 8170191262
    Year: 1975

    73.17 USD
    65.853 USD
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  • Synopsis
The present volume deals with a portion only of the vast number of forms contained in the family Chrysomelidae as defined and characterized by Mr.Jacoby on pages 1,2 and 3 of the work. I venture to hope,however, that the publication of the book will not only turn the attention of collectors in India to this somewhat neglected but important group of Phytophagous beetles, but prove of substantial assistance, enabling them to recognize the forms so far as they are recorded in the text and illustrations.
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