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  • Recent Development in Plant Sciences
    Recent Development in Plant Sciences
    by Sen, S.P.

    ISBN: 8170191890
    Year: 1982

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  • Synopsis
Scientists from different parts of the world join in this volume to pay their homage to Prof. Sourinder Mohan Sircar,one of the greatest botanists of India.The contributions the progress of plant sciences in recent years. The volume opens with an account of the modern concepts of the origin of life on earth from the pen of academician A.I.Oparin, followed by discourses on the origin of angiosperms and the fossil records which contribute to the early history of plant life.Several stalwarts discuss the current theories of plant hormone action,various aspects of the pysiology of flowering the potentialities and limitations of protoplast and tissue culture,mutagenesis,breeding of improved varieties and factors which contribute to crop yield.Other highlights of the book include the physiological significance of polyaamines in higher plants,plant choline esterases,a metabolic cycle involving myoinositol phosphates,analysis of young growing cell walls,the role of restriction endonucleases for DNA nucleotide sequence analysis,form and function in ecologic race formation and pollution.
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