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  • Perspectives in Mycological Research Vol. 2
    International Bioscience Series : Vol. 15
    by Hasija, S.K.

    ISBN: 8170193486
    Year: 1990

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  • Synopsis
Contents: Preface,Contributors,Perspectives in mycological research, taxonomy of VAM fungi with special reference to Indian taxa,Setae in fungi and their significance,Taxonomy of plant pathogenic fungi,Some concepts in fusaria,their identification with reference to Indian species,Ontogeny in conidial fungi with special reference to aquatic hyphomycetes,Some developoments in the classification of fungi imperfecti,The genus haplosporella-a review,The white muscardine fungus-beauveria,Phytophthora colocasiae-its taxonomy,physiology,pathology and control,Physiological studies on parasitic pythia,Cell wall degrading enzymes of vascular wilt fungi,Biochemical and physiological alterations in fungal spores during their germination,Lignification in desease resistance,Air borne spores as bioindicators,Concept of soil fungistasis, A critical review on keratinophilic fungi,Ocular mycoses,Use of plant pathogens in biotechnology: present and future,Biotechnology.
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