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  • A Synoptic Flora of Mysore District: with an appendix of Unani,Ayurvedic and trade names of drugs
    A Synoptic Flora of Mysore District: with an appendix of Unani,Ayurvedic and trade names of drugs
    by Rao, R.R.

    ISBN: 8170191750
    Year: 1981

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  • Synopsis
The present flora is the outcome of thorough botanical axploration of Mysore district over a period of 5 years and forms a distinct contribution towards the knowledge of the flora of Karnataka.The flora will meet the long felt needs of students teachers,for esters and other field botanists.The most important aspects about the flora is the novel approach in presenting the keys.All the species are keyed direct to the species level instead of passing through families and genera as it is normally practised in all the existing floras. Apart from treating the native flora in detail,it also includes and provides keys to naturalised as well as commonly cultivated plants.
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