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  • Flora Evolution in Relation of Pollination Ecology
    International Bioscience Monographs Vol. 3
    by Leppik, E.E.

    ISBN: 1555281532
    Year: 1988

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  • Synopsis
Contents: Introduction,Definitions and terminology,Historical review,Background of the present study,Principles of insect-flower coevolution,Archaic flower types,Early evolution of angiosperm flowers,Principal progressive trends in the floral evolution,A natural sequence of floral evolution,Nectar-presentation mechanisms,Transition of symmetric patterns to asymmetric shapes,Morphogenic classification of flower types,The system of iconic numerals of flowers,Analogous series in the evolution of flower types,Evolution of bilateral symmetry in flowers,Extra-floral semaphylls,Retrogressive trends in floral evolution,Recapitulation of the main sequence of floral evolution,Testing the ability of anthophilous insects,flower visitors of angiosperms,Correlated trends of floral evolution among angiosperms,Biochemical evolution of flowering,The esthetic appeal of flowers, Significance of floral evolution to the development of human arts,Some practical aspects of floral study,Discussion,conclusions,A short photographic review of main trends of floral evolution,Glossary,Selected references,Author index,Plant and animal names, Index.
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