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  • Development & Physiology of Angiosperms Pollen
    Advances in Pollen Spore Research vol III
    by Shivana, K.R.

    ISBN: 8170191580
    Year: 1978

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  • Synopsis
Contents: Introduction, Development- Syncytium and Isolation, Cytoplasmic Reorganization, Physiological and Biochemical studies, Pollen Wall Morphogenesis, Post-tetrad Development, Polarity, Control of Exine Patterning, Role of Tapetum, Tapetal Membrane, Pollen-wall Proteins, Sterility- Cytoplasmic Male Sterility, Factors Involved in Male Sterility, Mechanism of Male Sterility, Environmental Factors, Induced Male Sterility, Viability and Storage- Tests for Viability, Storage, Germination- Germination Requirements, Release of Proteins, Pollen Tube Growth, Chemotropism, RNA and Protein Synthesis, Effect of Metabolic Inhibitors, Pollen Germination in Vivo, Pollen Recognition and Rejection, Concluding Remarks Terature Cited
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