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  • Anatomy of Morphology
    Anatomy of Morphology
    by A.D.J. Meeuse

    ISBN: 9004077510
    Year: 1986

    109.83 USD
    98.847 USD
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  • Synopsis
Contents: Preface,Technical introduction,Introduction and definitions,The various aspects of morphology,Comparative morphology and the Bauplan(type) concept,Interpretative morphology-a separate subdiscipline? Morphological equivalence or homology and forms of ahomology,Some application and possible misapplications of the criteria of homology and of the morphological type method,The silent application of unsettled and premature morphological deductions in other branches of biology,Morphology and development,Morphology and genetics,Relations between morphology and other disciplines,Miscellaneous items,Morphological notions in perspective of approaches to botanical to botanical classification, Morphology,Paleobotany and phylogeny,Future development,Appendix,Glossary,Bibliography,Indices
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