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  • Advances in Applied Phycology-II
    Advances in Applied Phycology-II
    by A.C. Shukla, Priti Shukla, S. N. Pandey

    ISBN: 8170193532
    Year: 1989

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  • Synopsis
Presents Conceptual Synthesis of advance achieved in frontiers of Knowledge and Research in India. The textual contents are spread over special Lectures and research papers of frontline applied phycologists and depicts fine intermeshing fabric of applied Phycology ramifying in realms of applied aspects of diverse sciences of agriculture, physiology, microbiology, biochemistry, Medicine and Environmental biology. The impact of applied phycology would remain obscure until it reaches both scholars pursueing advance courses and research, administrators, and common man alike to wed the Scientific advance to practice. The proceedings should, therefore, find a place in shelves of Libraries and scholars.
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