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  • Manual on compost and other Organic Manures
    Manual on compost and other Organic Manures
    by K. Krishnamurthy

    ISBN: 8170191408
    Year: 1977

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  • Synopsis
Contents: Introduction,Historical development,Cardinal points in composting,Methods of composting,Recent development in night-soil compost and compost from farm wastes and allied materials,Phosphated compost and utilisation of urine and other organic wastes,Judging the quality of compost,Lay-out of compost depot and mechanisation of composting,Essentiality of composting and future line of work in compost,Sewage utlisation,in agriculture,Farmyard manure and its effective conservation,green manures,Decomposition of organic matter and formation of humus,Oil cakes and other organic manures,Bibliography,Index, Errata.
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