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  • Compendium of Statistics of Pulses
    Compendium of Statistics of Pulses
    by Shankar Lal

    ISBN: 81-7019-581-7
    Year: 2017

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  • Synopsis
The compendium on “Statistics of Pulses” is comprised on 261 tables on various aspects of production of pulses on global, national and within India at state levels; availability and import and export of pulses; nutritional values of important pulses; irrigated area under pulses; response of pulses to rhizobium inculcation; varieties developed, possessing resistance/tolerance to biotic and abiotic stresses and special traits suiting to different ecologies; projections on demand of pulses up to 2030; seed requirement and strategy to enhance the breeder, foundation and certified seeds; developmental activities to enhance the production of pulses through productivity increase and area expansion; and research infrastructure to take up herculean task to meet the pulses requirement of the nation. This compendium covered as many as 23 grain legumes, meeting the need of grains, vegetable, fodder, industrial medicinal and soil health. This compendium will help the students, teachers and extension/developmental workers in getting the statistical information on pulses in concise form.
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