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  • Perspective of Plant Pathology in Genomic Era
    Perspective of Plant Pathology in Genomic Era
    by Sharma, P.

    ISBN: 81-7019-526-4,9788170195269
    Year: 2016

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  • Synopsis
¬® Taxonomy of Fungi: Issues and Challenges ¬® Molecular detection of fungal plant pathogens ¬® Molecular identification, genetic diversity, population genetics, and genomics of Rhizoctonia solani ¬® Ralstonia solanacearum causing bacterial wilt of solanaceous crops ¬® Diagnosis of Huanglongbing disease of citrus ¬® Citrus associated phytoplasmas: new findings and challenges ¬® Emerging Phytobacterial Diseases in India: Research Status and Challenges ¬® Emerging Phytophthora threats to vegetable crops in South India ¬® Crop health management: Current scenario and future direction ¬® Of production situations, plant health, and global changes and from lock-in to new prospects in disease management ¬® RNAi mediated gene silencing against plant viruses ¬® Induced resistance for management of diseases of vegetable crops ¬® Strategies, resources and tools to identify targets for new disease control chemicals for oomycete plant pathogens ¬® Fungicide resistance in Phytophthora : Risk assessment and management strategies ¬® Phytiatry: A distinct science for food security ¬® Plant, soil and microbes ‚Äďunraveling their interactive biology with science of metagenomics and proteomics ¬® Utilization of microorganisms in crop protection ¬® Potential of endophytic fungi in plant health management ¬® Potentials Antibiotics of Fluorescent Pseudomonads in Sustainable Crop Disease Management ¬® Bio control management of fungal plant diseases for sustainable agriculture in the tropics ¬® Biological control agents for oil palm diseases: Isolation to product development ¬® Understanding key mechanisms to enhance biological control of plant pathogens: Are we there yet? ¬® Plant-derived products in sustainable pest management: Current status and future prospects ¬® Natural antifungal systems in fruits and their utilization in the management of postharvest diseases ¬® Ensuring biosecurity through efficient plant quarantine for healthy agricultural production and trade ¬® Detection, diagnosis and management of important plant diseases of Chhattisgarh
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