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  • Biodiversity in Tropical Ecosystems
    Biodiversity in Tropical Ecosystems
    by Das P.K., S. K. Tripathi

    ISBN: 81-7019-513-9
    Year: 2015

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  • Synopsis
¬® Biodiversity in India: An introduction ¬®Biodiversity information in India: Status and future scope ¬® Floristic diversity of Nagaland, northeast India ‚Äď An overview ¬® Rapid plant diversity assessment in Uttarakhand ¬® Changes in liana diversity over a decade in Indian tropical dry evergreen forests ¬® Changes in plant diversity along disturbance gradient in a dry tropical region, India ¬® Plant diversity change along disturbance gradient in Mizoram, northeast India ¬® Changes in plant species composition, biomass structure and allocation pattern in a peri-urban region in tropical India ¬® Diversity of pollen morphological characters in Acer Linnaeus (Sapindaceae) from Darjiling and Sikkim Himalayas ¬® Diversity in reproductive phenology of Indian dry tropical forest trees ¬® Diversity of leaf deciduousness in important trees of dry tropical forest, India ¬® Regeneration status of Melocanna baccifera (Bambusaseae) after gregarious flowering in Assam, India ¬® Plant species diversity and its utilization pattern in homegardens of Mizo community, North-East India ¬® Diversity of medicinally important weeds in a sub-urban town of West Bengal, India ¬® Diversity of forest resource and its utilization in Balasore district of Odisha ¬® Microbial diversity in the lower belt of eastern Himalaya ¬†¬® An overview on fungal diversity in North East India: options for research and development ¬® Diversity of micro-fungi on decaying leaves of Alnus nepalensis and Castanopsis hystrix in subtropical plantation forests of Manipur, North East India ¬® Variations in soil physico-chemical properties of different traditional homegardens of Mizoram, Northeast India ¬® The nature and function of traditional homegardens in Assam, Northeast India: A review ¬® Advancements in PCR based molecular markers and its application in biodiversity conservation ¬® Diversity of medicinal plants and their conservation in Darjeeling Hills, Eastern Himalayas, India ¬® Biodiversity conservation in agro-ecosystem for future food security ¬® Mainstreaming traditional knowledge and ethno-veterinary practices among tribes of Chhattisgarh: Issues and challenges ¬® Conservation of threatened potential ethnic herbal species of Ericaceae from Naga hills, India ¬® Biodiversity in India: A synthesis
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