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  • Environmental Impact on Biodiversity
    Environmental Impact on Biodiversity
    by Rangaswamy, N.S., B.R. Bamniya

    ISBN: 81-7019-547-7
    Year: 2016

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  • Synopsis
¬® Biodiversity Conservation: Status, Planning and Legal Aspects in India ¬® Impact of Biosolids on Agriculture and Biodiversity ¬® Threat to Aquatic Biodiversity of Arid Regions: A review on Dyeing units in Rajasthan ¬® Role of Environmental Impact Assessment in Biodiversity Conservation ¬® Sariska Tiger Reserve Vis-a Vis Global Biodiversity ¬® Aquatic Bird Diversity and their Conservation Problems in Southern Rajasthan ¬® Diversification through high yielding varieties of Wheat (Triticum aesivum L.) under Front Line Demonstrations in Jhalawar district of Rajasthan ¬® Effect of Water stress and Ethephon on Nitrogen Metabolism in Cenchrus setigerus 76 -A C4 Grass ¬® Evaluation of Microbial activity and Nitrogen Assimilatory Enzymes, and Identification of b ‚Äď sitosterol in C4 Grasses of Thar Desert ¬® Bioavailability and Impact of Heavy Metals on Survival of Plants ¬® Conservation Genetics: A new Approach to Protect Threatened Plants ¬® Isolation of Microorganism from Rhizosphere and Rhizoplane ¬® Wildlfie Diversity of Desert National Park, Jaisalmer (Raj.) ¬® The Changing Scenario of Desert Antelopes Population in Western Rajasthan of India ¬® Impact of Climate change on Biodiversity: An Overview of Udaipur Region.¬® Managing the Unseen: Ecological Interactions and Biodiversity Conservation ¬® Environmental Pollution: Impact on Biodiversity and Human Health ¬® Some Orans in Thar Desert of India and their Role in Biodiversity Conservation ¬® Threatened Plants of the Arid Region of Rajasthan ¬® Traditional uses of Ethno-Medicinal and Nutritive Plants by Tribals of Southern Rajasthan. ¬® Sources and Phytotoxicity of Fluorides in the Environment ¬® Tourism Development in Desert Tourist Circuit of Jaisalmer: Impacts on its Socio-Cultural and Biodiversity
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