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  • Research in Farming Systems
    Research in Farming Systems
    by Singh, D., Gangwar,B.

    ISBN: 81-7019-493-8
    Year: 2014

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  • Synopsis
¨ Integrated Farming Systems Research - Concept and Status ¨ Farming Systems Approach for Sustainable Development of Agriculture and Livelihood Improvement ¨ Farm Resources Characterization and Constraint Analysis – A Precursor of Farming Systems Research ¨ Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization Techniques for Sustainable Integrated Farming Systems ¨ Integration of Livestock in Different Farming Systems of India ¨ Mushroom – as a Component for Diversifying Small and Marginal Farmings ¨ Resource Conservation Technologies for Improved Efficiencies of Integrated Farming Systems ¨ On-farm Processing and Value Addition Technologies for Improved Efficiencies of Integrated Farming Systems ¨ Global Warming and Remodelling of Integrated Farming Systems ¨ Integrated Farming Systems for Rainfed Agriculture ¨ Farming Systems Research for Economic and Environmental Security in Hot Arid Regions of India ¨ Sustainable Integrated Farming Systems Models for Small Farm Holders of Bihar ¨ Farming Systems for Improving Livelihood of Punjab Farmers ¨ Farmers’ Participatory Approach for Sustainaible Livelihood of Small Farm Holders of Tamil Nadu ¨ Integrated Farming Systems Model for Small Farm Holders of Uttar Pradesh ¨ Sustainable Farming System Models for Marginal and Small Farmers of Malwa and Nimar Region of Western M.P. ¨ Rice Based Integrated Farming Systems for Different Farming Situations of Eastern India ¨ Sustainable and Profitable Integrated Farming Systems Models for North Western Hills ¨ Sustainable Crop and Livestock Management System for Snow Bound Zone of Himalayas ¨ Integrated Farming System For Sustainable Production In North East India ¨ Agronomic Interventions for Sustaining the Jhum Cultivation in North East India ¨ Integrated Farming Systems (IFS) Models for Different Farming Situations of Islands ¨ Integrated Farming Systems for Sustainability of Agricultural Production in Goa
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