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  • Handbook of pig husbandray
    Handbook of pig husbandray
    by Das, A.

    ISBN: 8170194768
    Year: 2013

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  • Synopsis
¬® Pig Production Scenario in India ¬® Breeds of Pig ¬® Behaviour and Welfare in Pig ¬® Breeding Strategies for Pig ¬® Crossbreeding/Upgrading of Indigenous Pigs ¬® Managemental Options for Profitable Pig Production ¬® General Management of Pig Farm ¬® Housing Management of Pig ¬® Resource Based Feeding Systems for Pig ¬® Locally Available Feeds for Pig Production ¬® Role of Minerals and Probiotics in Animal Production ¬® Analysis of Feed for Nutrients and Toxins ¬® Anti-Nutritional Factors in Swine Feeds ¬® Breeding Management and Fertility Optimization in Gilts and Sows ¬® Management of Breeding Boars ¬® Preservation of Boar Semen for Artificial Insemination ¬® Synchronization of Oestrus and Artificial Insemination in Pig ¬® Advanced Techniques for Assessing Fertility of Boar Semen ¬® Infectious Diseases of Pigs and Their Management ¬® Parasitic Diseases of Pig ¬® Skin Diseases of Pig ¬® Classical Swine Fever ¬® Management of Piglet Diarrhoea ¬® Management of Piglet Mortality ¬® Emerging Zoonotic Diseases in Pig ¬® Transmission of Zoonotic Diseases in Integrated Pig cum Fish Farming ¬® Integrated Farming Approach for Sustainable Pig Production ¬® Molecular Characterization and Conservation of Indigenous Pigs ¬® Molecular Techniques for Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases of Pig ¬® Concept of Biostatistics for Designing of Experiment in Pig Research ¬® Methods of Pork Processing for Value Addition ¬® Pig Slaughter House ‚Äď Basic Concepts ¬® Hygienic Pig Slaughter and Processing ¬® Pork - The Pig Meat ¬® Practicing Organic Livestock Farming in India ¬® Manure Handling Options and Composting of Pig Waste ¬® Economics of Pig Production and Bankable Projects ¬® Techno-Economic Feasibility in Preparing a Project for Financing Livestock Farming
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