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  • Heavy Metal Pollution and Mycorrhiza
    Aspects of Plant Sciences Vol. XVIII
    by G.D. Sharma, Tali Ajungla

    ISBN: 81-7019-454-7,9788170194545
    Year: 2010

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  • Synopsis
Roots Metal Pollution due to various Industrial and agricultural activities is causing serious threat both to terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. Some of these Metals are essential as trace elements but they become toxic when their concentration exceeds certain level. Certain microbes and Plants detoxify metabolically such pollutants and may reduce the vulnerability of such heavy metals. Various anthropogenic activities like mining, smeltering, disposal of wastes excessive use of Pesticides and Fertilizers etc. enhance the metal toxicity affecting the growth and Productivity of Agriculture and forestry. In recent past heavy metal toxicity has been studied at genetic, biochemical, Physiological and Molecular levels both in laboratory and in contaminated environment. Mycorrhiza, ubiquitous symbiotic association between Fungi and Roots of Higher plants constitute an important functional component of Soil ecosystem. The Positive role of mycorrhiza in nutrient uptake and Improving Crop has shown that mycorrhizal fungi also improve tolerance of plants to heavy metals and provide them better support to overcome abiotic stress caused by heavy metals. This book provides critical Research analysis on the role of mycorrhiza on microbial enzymes, improvement of growth of seedling under heavy metal polluted soil and the possible mechanism of detoxification of heavy metals by microbes, mycorrhiza and plants. We are quite hopeful that book will be very useful to the teachers, researchers and post-graduate students involved in studies related to agriculture, forestry, botany, Environmental sciences and microbiology.
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