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  • Polypodiaceous Ferns of India
    Polypodiaceous Ferns of India
    by S.S. Bir, Satija

    ISBN: 8170192773
    Year: 1985

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  • Synopsis
The book contains lists of all the polypodiaceous ferns that are recorded from India and covers 135 species falling in 24 genera and 4 families.The account is based on nearly 30 years of study of the specimens from nature as well as on those preserved in national and international herbaria. In the catalogue are given the latest names,the important synonyms and references to the Indian published works on these ferns.Notes on ecological distribution and references to the pupblished description and illustrations of the listed taxa are appended.It should be useful to the pteridologists engaged in any field of research and for the identification of the materials,in the herbaria.Further it would be helpful to the amateurs in naming the common polypods in India.
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