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  • Sedimentary Geology of the Himalaya
    Sedimentary Geology of the Himalaya
    by Srivastava, R.A.K.

    ISBN: 8170190649
    Year: 1985

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  • Synopsis
More than half of the total area of the complex himalayan mountain belt is constituted of sedimentary rocks but specific sedimentological studies on these rocks pertaining to palaeogeography,palaeotectonics,palaeoclimate,palaeoenvironment,facies changes,basinal geometery and configuration,provenance,dispersal pattern and role of different depositional agencies are greatly lacking.During the past decades and encouraging trend is apparent as greater efforts have been made for pure and applied sedimentological researches in the himalaya by different university centres and research organisation who are engaged in several critical sedimentological problems in the himalaya.The present volume on sedimentary geology of the himalaya marks the partial fulfilment of the long awaited meaningul analysis and collection of sedimentological data pertaining to the himalaya.
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