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  • Recent Researches in Ecology, Environment and Pollution Vol. 11 Himalayan Microbial Diversity Pt. 2
    Recent Researches in Ecology, Environment and Pollution Vol. 11 Himalayan Microbial Diversity Pt. 2
    by Sati, S.C.

    ISBN: 8170194288
    Year: 1997

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  • Synopsis
Section -C : Mycorrhiza and Mycobionts Prospects of mycorrhizal fungi in the Himalaya: Forms, functions and management Diversity of Himalayan lichens Lichen diversity of the Eastern Himalaya and its conservation Section D : Ecology and Pollution Evaluation, impact and remedies of water pollution in. Kumaun Himalaya with reference to microorganisms Seasonal Ouctuation in species composition of aeromycoflora of Nainital fruit market Seasonal changes in microbial community in relation to edaphic ?factors in two forest soils of Kumaun Himalaya Vertical distribution of zoosporic fungi in an agricultural field soil SeetionE : Physiology and Mycotoxins Occurrence of mycotoxins in foods in Kumaun Himalaya Incidence of mycotoxins occurrence in different storage structures of Kamaun bilk Role of polyamine biosynthesis inhibitors in microbial disease resistance Physiological specialization of Pyricularia oryzae Cav. in North-East India Production of cellulase components by parasitic pathotypes Assay of bryophyte extracts for control of plant virus infections Section F : Mycotechnology Mushroom cultivation technology : AD overview Prospects of morel cultivation in the Hamalaya Prospects and perspectives of edible mushrooms in Central Himalaya Authors? Index
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