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  • Pteridophytes: Their Morphology, Cytology, Taxonomy And Phyiogeny
    Pteridophytes: Their Morphology, Cytology, Taxonomy And Phyiogeny
    by S.S. Bir

    ISBN: 8170190290
    Year: 1983

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    38.853 USD
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  • Synopsis
Contents: Prefatory Note; 1. Studies on the Indian Ferns: Ecology, Distribution and Phytogeography of Polypodiaceae; 2. Effects of Gamma Irradiation on Development of Hemionitis Arifolia; 3. Some Aspects of Recent Advances in Phylogeny and Life-Cycle of the Pteridophyta with Particular Reference to Ferns; 4. Athyrium Attenuatum- A Confused Sino-Himalayan Fern; 5. Morphogenetic Studies on Pteridophytes in India; 6. Chromosome Numbers and Evolutionary Status of Ferns and Fern Allies of Pachmarhi Hills; 7. Classification and Taxonomy of Pteridophytes with Particular Reference to the Higher Ferns; Index to Plant Names. 90plates and Figures
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