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  • Perespectives in Pteriddology Present and Future Part II
    Perespectives in Pteriddology Present and Future Part II
    by T.N. Bhardwaja

    ISBN: 817019413X
    Year: 1992

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  • Synopsis
Pteridophytes, Variously Called As Primitive Land Plants, Pioneer Vascular Plants Or Early Land Plants, Represent A Group Of Plants In Turmoil. They Have Served As Nature'S Experimental Group Manifesting Patterns Of A Plant Group Adapting Itself From An Aquatic To Terrestrial Existence.This aspect of plant morphology,considered to be the central theme dominating botany till the fifties did suffer a decline in emphasis in the latter half of this century.In recent years however,the situation has greatly altered with plant scientists from all parts of the world addressing themselves to age old questions of plant morphology through their investigations of these pioneer vascular plants with advanced technological and sophisticated instrumentation.It was in this context that an international symposium on pteridology was organised at Rajasthan University,Jaipur on August 8-10, 1989.
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